My goal for this page is to help you to be as ready as possible for your course. You will find that the League website has helpful information also, so read this first:

The below files are meant to help you get organized for your League Cycling Instructor Certification Class. You will take a assessment battery and I need it sent to me as soon as possible. You must pass this assessment with a minimum score to take part in the Certification Seminar. You should have all of the resources you need to pass the assessment mailed to you when you have paid your entry fee.

You must take and pass the pre-assessment before you can even come to the LCI course. It's that simple.

You will need to prepare for teaching a module during the class. Just like the modules were taught to you during your TS-101 class. I will determine which module you teach from the questions you miss on the test, as well as your biographical info from your registration. If you have not received your materials and test, send an email to me. Remember, send your test sooner rather than later. It is to your advantage to do so.

Please print this and read it:

Candidate Success

The above file has a lot of great information, but it was written before the price increase for the seminar and the reference to Road I classes should now read Traffic Skills 101. Otherwise it will help you.

To summarize, the three major things you must do to become an LCI:

1. Be a member in good standing of LAB. If you are not, you can sign up here:

2. Take the Traffic Skills 101 course and pass with a score of 85% or better.

3. Take the pre-test (and send it to me well before the LCICS starts) and pass the LCI pre-test with a score of at least 85%. Then show up and make a road test score of at least 90%, work hard to become a great LCI!

It's not quite that simple, but you now know the high points.

The links below are meant to help you know the class schedule and who is coming to your class. You may be able to help each other get ready and organize a car ride to the class or share a room. The Flyer is a PDF file and the Roster is a web page laid out in Excel, so you should be able to open them easily.

 New Orleans 2013a


When you are done with your test, you can email the test to me at

or you can fax it to me at 337-837-8034 the fax is on a switch, so just hit start when the machine (or I) answer. Please fax only the answer sheets to me and NOT the whole 13 page test!

If you insist on snail mail:

Chris Daigle LCI#331-k

208 Bismark Drive

Broussard, LA 70518


Completed Seminars in no particular order:

Austin    Baton Rouge    Chattanooga    Decatur  Athens    Spartanburg    Kansas City (2)     Louisville (2)     Savannah    Charlotte    Oxford    Ridgeland    Starkville    Gautier   

New Orleans (3) (Soon to be 4 and then 5)  Little Rock

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