Cycle Zydeco Frequently Asked Question List


What am I getting for the price I pay?
For people who ship the bike for me to assemble, you get:

b  A place to ship the bike that is safe

b  A highly qualified mechanic (me) assembles your bike and makes sure it is adjusted and ready for the ride

b  The same mechanic delivers your bike with the tires pumped up to the host hotel the afternoon before the ride (depending what time I get my truck from the rental company)

b  During your ride any adjustments needed are free. Repairs and flats are at a reduced price

b  At the end of the ride, the rider drops the bike off at the mechanic truck and leaves anything else they want shipped inside the bike box (hung in a plastic bag on the bike)

b  The bike is carefully packed up and shipped by whichever freight company you want to return it to you


 What freight company should I use to ship my bike?

I can accommodate any freight company that I know of. The lowest cost method I have found is FedEx ground shipment.


How much does it cost to ship my bike?

 Prices do vary a lot depending on distance size and weight. But they vary from as little as $35 to as much as $125 for standard ground shipping. There are several points to be made about cost:
Insurance does cost a lot. If you don't insure your bike, you are taking a chance that it could be broken in shipping. That is a personal choice and I can't make it for you. If you don't include a value on the freight bill, I won't chase you down and ask you to do so, since that is your choice.

Size does matter more than weight. All standard bikes are charged dimensional weight, which means the minimum charge is for about 75 pounds even if the box is 30 pounds. Standard bike boxes are at the edge of "oversized 2" and "oversized 3" and there is a large difference in the price. Oversized 3 is much more expensive.


How do I get a lower price for shipping?
Get a travel bike like a Bike Friday or a bike with S&S couplers. The price to ship will be in the lowest cost ranges for shipping. These bikes are packed into airline standard suitcases and can be carried onto planes or shipped for about the same price as another suitcase on freight. For instance, I can ship a standard road bike in an S&S case to Washington D.C. from Louisiana for $35.00.



How do I know you have my bike?

Well, first of all YOU can tell because most of the tracking companies will let you know when it's delivered. But I don't know if I have your bike for sure unless you tape the Cycle Zydeco label on and or inside the box or have your name on the bike itself.  SO, PLEASE help me by having the label on the box like we ask you to do. Otherwise, I am only guessing which is your bicycle out of as many as 36 bikes per year.


How do you keep them straight when you ship them back?

That's easy if you have already put the Cycle Zydeco label inside the box. When they come in, I label the bikes and the box with the same number. Hopefully, there is that famous Cycle Zydeco label inside the box, which allows me to verify the return address. It's real hard keeping them straight if there is no Cycle Zydeco shipping label.


Can I ship anything else with my bike?

Some people ship things like shoes, helmets and many other things in their box with the bike. That works great for them, since they donít have to pack it for flying. Just remember that the freight companies are not known to be gentle with the boxed bikes. Please understand that your extra equipment should not include clothing or other things that cannot be attached to the bike in a small bag. Your extra equipment needs to be able to be attached to your bike and the bike will be moved and trucked several times. I don't want to get it separated.



What should I know about expecting my bike back?

Some people do supply their own return freight bill for their bike. They might have an account at their place of employment and want to use that. If you want to do that also, it is no problem on my end. In the past they have used every freight company I can imagine to ship their bike back.

Otherwise, we just fill out a freight bill (which ever kind you want) and write a credit card number on the bill, so the charges will go through. Like I said, you are welcome to bring your own from home (or have it in the box when you ship it to me) and I will make sure that your credit card info will be safe.


The only caveat we have had is that if we ship bikes back by UPS, we have to use a UPS store. The store really seems to hike the prices up for the return journey. Thatís why we have been quoted in the past as discouraging UPS freight for return shipment; they were charging triple the price to return a bike to the same place it originated from. It was in the same box, weighing the same. (Although nearly all bikes are charged dimensional weigh. The box is usually not very heavy and the size is what they charge for.)



What day should I ship my bike to arrive?
Please try to have the bike here about a week before the ride starts. In 2014, thatís April 16th.


If you are shipping your own bike and boxing it yourself, you are welcome to ask questions about how it is best accomplished. I also have a web page with some tips on packing here::