Cycle Zydeco Bicycle Shipping Information and Mechanic Information

About shipping your bike:

It is a good idea to put the label that you print off the Cycle Zydeco site both outside of the box and also somewhere inside. You want the freight company to be able to identify the destination even if there is an accident that tears off the shipping label. It happens.

When shipping the bike back, some people bring a pre addressed label with their own account number. You can safely include this inside the box if you want.

Here is a page which includes information about best practices for packing bikes. You want your bike to arrive safely, don't you? Follow this advice:

Best packing practices


For those who will assemble their own bike:

The address you are shipping the bikes to be self assembled is the place where we rent the trucks for Cycle Zydeco, so your bicycle will be both safe and cared for.  Try to have your bike show up about a week before the start. The Thursday before is good. That way, if it is delayed, it will still be there. The bikes will be picked up at the warehouse and delivered to the hotel by CZ at approximately 1 P. M. on Wednesday.  Once you have your bike assembled, the box will go into the luggage truck marked Ďhotelsí.  It will stay in this truck during the ride.

When the ride reaches the end point on the last day, if you want to pack your bike right away you can get your box from the truck and do so. Please let the truck driver know you will want to do this, so he can load your box last. If you are not packing your bike into the box there, your bike will be packed into the truck with moving blankets for the trip to the hotel where you will pick up your bike and pack it for shipping. Freight waybills will be available and you can fill them out there. Some people come with pre printed labels ready for their bike box with their favorite method of shipping. Tape that waybill to the box. The morning after the ride, the mechanic will take the bike to the freight company you designated for shipping.

The fee for this service is $20.00 and should be paid directly to the mechanic.

For those who will have the mechanic assemble their bike:

You will ship the bikes to be assembled directly to my shop. Try to have your bike show up about a week before the start. The Thursday before is good. That way, if it is delayed, it will still be there. I will be able to inspect the package and call the freight company if there is any indication of damage from the appearance of the box. I will take the bike out of the box and assemble it while inspecting it for damage that might be hidden.  If there is any damage, I will call you and get your bike fixed before the ride starts.

As the bike is being assembled, I will check the adjustment of the bearings, brakes and shifting as well as check chain wear and do minor wheel truing, tighten bolts and other simple adjustments to make sure your Cycle Zydeco is as trouble free as I can make it.  When you get to the hotel to pick up your bike on Wednesday, the tires will be fully inflated and your bike will be tagged for identification. Not for your identification, but mine. Sometimes, I get very similar bikes and I tag them with your name, so I make sure I ship it back to the right person.  Please leave the tag on your bike.  At the end of the ride, I will take your bike, pad it, and load it into my truck for the trip back to my shop. There I will pack it better than the way it came to me (I promise, but that will be easy considering how some bikes came to me).  I will then take it to the freight company you requested and ship it back to you.

The fee for this service is $70.00 and should be paid directly to the mechanic.

Another note about shipping:

You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. If you donít already have an account with a particular freight company, we suggest Fed Ex ground shipping from Lafayette. The price of the UPS shipping has been historically double if not triple what it costs to ship the bike here. Bringing the bike directly to the UPS depot is not allowed here, so it costs much more at the UPS store. Shipping it with an account number does help, so that is an option. DHL also has reasonable rates, so thatís another option. You can list your credit card number on the waybill and the freight company will use that. I will keep your information safe.

The Mechanic Service at Cycle Zydeco:

The mechanicís truck will be at the start and finish each day as well as the lunch stop and all the major sag stops we can make it to. Our ability to move depends upon how much work there is at any particular time.  We will park in an area that makes it easy to see the truck. We will have pumps for you to use. If you are not familiar with the particular pump, please ask for directions to minimize damage and keep the pumps in service for the whole ride.

The mechanicís truck is stocked with a selection of the parts we have used or been asked for in the past. Tires, tubes and parts are selected by how likely we will need them.  If your bicycle requires unusual sizes or parts, you should probably bring a spare.  I keep as wide of a price range as I can. Tires, tubes and other parts are comparable in price to your average bicycle shop. Labor is done on a flat rate, which means I need to work quickly and not make mistakes to make money.  I promise to serve you as efficiently as possible and charge you a very fair price.  I am offering a service to the riders and donít intend to try to maximize profits by inflating the charges.