Amgen behind the scenes

These are images from around and behind the race coverage

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Cooking for the riders, stage 4

Sardinian Basso fans

Signing autographs

Signing autographs

Replacement bike

Row of bikes

Showing Lance the razor

Shaving Bob's head

Big crowd

Head guy

Shaving Bob. Apparently, Bob roll offered to have his head shaved if Lance raised enough money


Paso Robles Press room

Paso Robles press room

Paso Robles press room

Bob Roll with is newly shaved head

Paso Robles valet bike parking

Paso Robles finish line

Press mosh

Press mosh II

Work Crew. The lead out crew for Mark




It's good to be the stage winner

Longhorn detail

Solvang Spectator

Guess who's bus?

Fun hat

Texas Longhorn

Winona helps dad to decorate the street for the start of stage 7

Winona Hough helps decorate the street for the start of stage 7.

Pablo Castealz sits on the head of dad Jeff to watch the finish of Stage 7

I really like to win!

Daddy left me here to go inside

The line at the kettle

They came form everywhere and camped too.

I think Bob Roll calls these people shmenge or is it schloog?

Cooking for spectators


Next Lance?


Spectators came from everywhere


Busy KOM line area


Shaun riding his board up the mountain

Trying to get on TV

Dore Holt from the state of Washington

Race announcer

Patriotic spectator


Lead group coming back through the finish

Chris Horner

Interviewing Frank Schleck. Kathy is trying to figure out what language they are speaking. This guy interviewed people in English, French, German etc


Some of these spectators go too far