B.I.K.E. Class


These images were taken during Bicycling In Kids Education class sessions taught for Lafayette Parish Schools with funding from TEF and SRTS. They are intended to show the class in action and help clarify some of the techniques I use. The class was taught over ten physical education classes. In the Kids II course, the students were drilled in a comprehensive set of skills needed to become competent road users in the mindset of vehicular cyclists. The curriculum is from the League of American Bicyclists and is considered the most comprehensive available anywhere for people of this age.


Detail to show the helmets stacked inside the ball bag. When they are carefully stacked, they last much longer and they are easier to lay out quickly.

The helmet pad keeps the helmets from getting dirty on the ground.

Detail of the bike fork carrier brackets holding the bicycles. The rear wheel straps are used for extra frim hold.

The bikes are laid out in sizes and numbered from 1 to 10. Each student is assigned a bicycle with partners.

The students are drilled on basic bicycle maneuvers until they can pass a test on the skills needed to ride a bicycle competently.

The hand signal portion being taught. They are noticing the bicycle doesn't have any signals built in.

The helmets are assigned a number that is clealy marked. When they are laid out on the pad, so students can get their helmet quickly.

The boxes hold the plastic bags with the scrub caps inside. Each class' box is clearly marked with the class period.

Scrub caps are used to prevent the helmets from touching the students hair.

The BIKE trailer holds all of the things I need to teach the course.